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Luxury Bricks investment expertise covers a comprehensive range of real estate sectors whereby we provide strategic and honest advice to our clients at all stages of the acquisition process from sourcing, due diligence, negotiation and asset management. Our team of highly-qualified experts are extremely well equipped to provide advice on real estate strategies, asset management and asset intelligence services.


With more than 40 banks and financial institutions offering a variety of mortgage products in the UAE, getting the right mortgage deal isn’t easy! Luxury Bricks consultants are experts at making your entire mortgage process less stressful. Our consultants will find you the right mortgage and will guide you through the entire process. As we work closely with numerous banks and developers, Luxury Bricks is well placed to assist you in finding the right mortgage for your dream home in Dubai.

When deciding on a real estate agency to assist you in purchasing a new home, we believe the most important factors are trust and quality service. At Luxury Bricks, agents are always up to date with the latest market knowledge. This safeguards the interests of our clients as they will be offered properties in the best areas with excellent value for money.
A fundamental aspect of the culture at Luxury Bricks is the high level of customer service that is prioritised at our firm.
Since its beginning, Luxury Bricks has sold thousands of properties in Dubai. Our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations has resulted in recurring business. We make certain that our customers get the finest deal possible. If you’re thinking of selling your home, here’s a step-by-step approach. Agents at Luxury Bricks are always up to speed on the newest market information. Agents can protect their clients’ interests because they have skilled expertise. They can also advise customers on the timing of the transaction and the price given.
Every landlord wants to get the most out of their properties in terms of return on investment (RoI). At the same time, the landlord wants a renter who pays his or her rent on time. Here are the procedures to make your lease experience as simple as possible. Our knowledgeable consultants will assist you in obtaining the best possible rental rates throughout any market phase and will explain our techniques to ensure you receive the highest possible rental return on your asset.

Are you new to Dubai? Looking out to rent a property?
The task isn’t as easy as choices are multiple, from upscale communities to affordable neighborhoods. There are numerous factors that need to consider before taking any decision. The process is a bit complex, but our handy guide will help sail you through the intricacies and find you that perfect property. Start your process by determining your budget according to your needs. 

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